Rating Scales

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☾ the star scale

Five Stars
This book left me speechless and it has moved onto the short list of books that I love.
I am probably going to hype this book up and talk my friends into buying it. I would definitely buy fanart for this book or read fanfiction inspired by it.
I will also want to reread this book.
Amazing job!

Four Stars
I liked it, but something specific was missing.
I will still talk about this book to my friends. I will recommend this book to my friends and I will think a lot about not having given it 5 stars.

Three Stars
I am most likely confused by what I was reading. Either I didn’t understand what was going on half the time or I noticed that a good chunk of the book just wasn’t speaking to me. My review will probably still include a few positive things.

Two Stars
I am even more confused. There is an aspect that I liked about the book but the rest was just eh and I don’t think I would want to read this book again.

One Star
Just no. I heavily disliked what I was reading, and I probably DNFed this book.
I would not recommend it to friends and if I do decide to speak of it my words will not be positive.

☾ the smut scale

I got most this scale from amyjanealice and I’ve decided to use it as well!
I’ve decided to add a fifth spice level, though, just because i can

The smut spice scale:

Pretty tame

Is it getting hot in here?


 i melted goodbye

if someone could turn this into reality for me, I would gladly participate (but that’s not an actual invitation)

Thank you for reading my rating scales!