My name is KΓ€the and I am the admin of this blog!
I’m a 20 years-old BA student of northern languages and culture (aka Scandinavian Studies) at the University of Cologne and I have been reading ever since I could – and before that, my parents read to me.
I spend my early childhood reading about mermaids, fairies and horses, before I, at age 12, gradually transitioned into fantasy.

Although I am not as much of a disciplined reader as I used to be, I still have a huge passion for books, and my dream job would be to one day work as a translator in publishing (because languages are another huge passion of mine).
When I am not blogging, reading or daydreaming about my fictional boyfriends and girlfriends, I am writing my NA WIP “Escape the Night” (it has victorian era vampires), playing the ukulele or thinking about doing any of those things before I end up in a YouTube rabbit hole.