Roben Valentine’s Day AU

Robert takes Benedict on a date for V-Day.
Based on my characters Benedict and Robert from my current vampire NA grimdark fantasy WIP “Escape the Night.”

Happy Valentine’s Day if you are celebrating today!
I didn’t have a Valentine this year so I spent the day in my PJs eating domino’s pizza and trying to come up with a quick AU for you guys.
This was insanely hard to write, which is probably why it turned out real cheesy, but the people in my reader group wanted to see Roben, so who was I to tell them no?

“Where are we going?” Ben asked as Robert held the door open for him.
“That’s a surprise,” his boyfriend mumbled, sticking his hands into the pockets of his coat as he walked down the street next to Benedict.
“Well, you better have given me a good reason to have to get dressed up,” Benedict said grumpily.
“Oh, shush you. You look amazing,” Robert returned. “And I got dressed up, too, mind you.”
“You always wear formal, that doesn’t count.”
They put the rest of the walk to the tube behind themselves in awkward silence. At one point they had to stop so Benedict could put gloves on. It was crisp for a February evening, but then again, considering how cold it had been the last couple of days, Benedict wasn’t surprised.
He just wasn’t entirely comfortable with it, because the weather turned his fingers into icicles.
“Right on time,” Robert said happily, and indeed, the train came to a stop in front of them just as they had reached the edge of the platform.
“I can manage,” Benedict said softly before Robert would get the idea to try and help him into the vehicle.
“Of course.”
“Where are we going?”
“I’m not telling you. It’s a surprise.” 

The second they stopped in front of the Royal Opera House, Benedict cursed. “You didn’t.”
“I saved up for this,” Robert said softly. “A Valentine’s Day performance of Marguerite and Armand.” 

“You shouldn’t-”
“Ben,” Robert growled, and then spun Benedict’s wheelchair around by the grip so his boyfriend would face him before he kneeled on the ground to hug Benedict. “It’s my pleasure, alright? Happy Valentine’s.” He hugged Benedict tighter for another moment before he let go. “Let’s go inside.”
“I can’t believe this. My first time seeing a performance in this building and it’s with you,” Benedict mumbled, desperately trying to regain his composure.
“I have a nice dinner planned for afterward,” Robert added as if he had just remembered.
“You’re killing me.”
“Oh, I sure hope not, love. I intend to spend many more commercialized holidays with you at my side. You know that yeah?”
“I do, now.”
Robert bent down and shamelessly kissed the top of Benedict’s head. “Good.”
And then, they finally made their way into the theater to watch the performance. Benedict was practically glued to Robert’s side the entire time – or at least as much as the distance between his wheelchair and Robert’s seat allowed it, but of course, that didn’t stop him from holding Robert’s hand for the entire performance.
And Robert let him, occasionally raising Benedict’s hand to his mouth to kiss the knuckles in an affectionate gesture.
When the performance was over, Benedict’s head was swimming with thoughts about the performance – and Robert.
“Hey,” he said, impatiently tugging on Robert’s sleeve as a child would. “I love you so much.”
A smile appeared on Robert’s lips. “I love you, too.”

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