About My WIP – Escape the Night Masterpost

Dear Reader,

I have been working on my WIP for a while now (over two years), and since I’ve recently begun to post AUs about my characters for said WIP, I thought it was time for a sort of masterpost about my WIP so I can introduce more people to it!
Be aware that some of the information listed here contains spoilers!

☾ The Title

Escape the Night

☾ The Premise

Imagine you walk through a forest and hike up a hill, only to stand in front of a beautiful castle that seems frozen in time.
Would you go in if I told you horrid stories about it and mention that once you walk through its doors, you could never leave again – even if that’s what you wanted to more than anything?
Would you try to Escape the Night?

☾ The Elevator Pitch

A castle inhabited by vampires. A girl carrying her ancestor’s legacy. A lovesick King. A boy who wants to put an end to everything.

☾ An Excerpt

Moon Song
Come, see, child.
The moon as red as brightest love
and boiling hatred shines above.

Come, see, child.
Follow it, and what you see
will all be your destiny.

Come see, child.
Run from it, and you will know
what you have been missing so.

Come see, child.
Look above and you will heed,
all that will return to be.

☾ The Genres and Themes

  • New Adult (all characters are at least 20 or over)
  • Grimdark Fantasy
  • LGBTQ+ Rep in form of a canon gay ship
  • OV Disability Rep in form of one disabled viewpoint character
  • Historical Setting in 1840s Ireland
  • Supernatural Characters since most of my characters are vampires and they have powers
  • Forbidden Romance and Star-Crossed Lovers
  • Found Family
  • Royaltycore (if you know what I mean)
  • Death, Religion, Mental Health, Family Issues

☾ The Characters (only the important ones)

  • Caera Nightbird ➤ 20, human, female, the Protagonist
  • Benedict Nightbird ➤ 35, human, male, the disabled POV character and 1/2 of the gay ship
  • Robert Osmond ➤ 375, male, a vampire, 1/2 of the gay ship, can read thoughts
  • Inga Stringer ➤ 45, female, human, Benedict’s “foster mother”
  • Alastair Dunkin ➤ 421, male, a vampire (the oldest), the King’s right hand man, can quieten other’s powers
  • Keva Galloway ➤ 350, female, a vampire, can control the element water
  • Celeste Rosalie Reiterman ➤ 35, human, female, owns the King’s heart
  • Nathaniel Prescott ➤ 375, male, a vampire, literally the King of the Castle, gave his heart to Celeste and can control the element fire
  • Jonathan Prescott III ➤ 361, male, a vampire, the Prince of the Castle that won’t say what his power is, but some people know

☾ The Canon Pairings

Robert x Benedict ➤ Roben ➤ the gay one
Caera x Jonathan ➤ Caerathan ➤ the forbidden one
Celeste x Nathaniel ➤ Celestiel ➤ the star-crossed one

☾ The Aesthetic

These contain spoilers
click here for my Pinterest
click here for my Escape the Night playlist on Spotify

☾ The AUs

These might contain spoilers

☾ Do You Need Some Convincing?

Here’s a tweet I sent to Eva Noblezada (Eurydice in Broadway’s Hadestown) and her response:

☾ Do You Want More?

Well, I gave my warning.
If you’d like to join my instagram group chat, be sure to use my contact form and paste the following text into the message field.
I would like to join your instagram group chat for Escape the Night. My instagram name is [ig name here].
Please only do this if you have a public instagram and are comfortable being in a group chat with people you don’t know.
Don’t forget that once the doors have closed, there is no turning back.

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