5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Enola Holmes

Dear Reader,
I didn’t really think I would be this hyped for Enola Holmes to come to Netflix, but I’ve watched the movie two times since it came out and here are a couple reasons why you should watch it, too – in case you haven’t already.

☾ reason #1 – amazing cast

This movie is one of the rare cases in which the main character is actually portrayed by an actor the same age – Enola is 16 in the movie and so is Millie Bobby Brown, which really adds a lot of authenticity to the movie.
Beside her, we have Sam Claflin, who you might know as Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games or Will Traynor from Me Before You, as Mycroft Holmes – and Sam is a terrific Mycroft; I dare say he does an even better job at making the character unlikable than Mark Gatiss does in BBC Sherlock.
Everyone’s new (or old) favorite Henry Cavill plays a background character Sherlock Holmes, but he’s really good at it. His rendition of a character is quite serene, and though there are the typical victorian patriarchy elements to the character that stay, Henry gives Sherlock a certain kind of warmth that’s very entertaining to watch, and he is – of course – the most handsome Sherlock Holmes yet.
In the female supporting roles we have some more familiar faces – Fiona Shaw as Miss Harrison, Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes and Frances de la Tour, who all stared in the Harry Potter franchise.

☾ reason #2 – themes and tropes

As a reader, I love a good trope.
This movie definitely has some good found self-discovery content going, and one of the things I enjoyed the most about it is the fact that there are so many feminist themes.
I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie, but the whole mystery surrounding Eudoria Holmes has to do with the emancipation of women and is a play on British Suffragette themes.
In general, Eudoria and Enola provide a great contrast to Mycroft, who is very much accustomed to having the upper hand in a patriarchist society (which is what makes him so utterly unlikable) and Sherlock, who doesn’t give a crap about politics and the development of society anyway.
Enola was raised to be an independent woman, she’s very witty, opinionated, clever and definitely knows how to stand her ground.
Another thing that makes this very clear is the fact that she says she doesn’t want a husband, constantly breaks the rules and doesn’t engage with Thewksbury because her brother expects her to find a husband but because Thewksbury is a reckless idiot who needs saving.
The romance that is blossoming between them is based on the fact that they are sharing an experience together and not because it is expected of them to like each other – you could almost call it friends to lovers.

☾ reason #3 – the setting

Who doesn’t love a good old Victorian setting?
I definitely do, and I am a huge fan of admiring the costumes and set pieces that were used for the movie.
Ferndell Hall, Enola’s home, is definitely giving me Cottage core vibes, and of course the mystery element makes it beyond suitable for mystery lovers who are looking for a light movie that they can enjoy with a younger audience as well – Enola Holmes is apparently rated PG-13, but I would say it’s family friendly nonetheless.

☾ reason #4 – fourth wall breaking

Apparently, fourth wall breaking is what made Fleabag so popular, but I definitely think that Enola Holmes does it well.
It’s very subtle, and definitely not overused in the movie.
I think it fits Enola’s quirkiness quite well.

☾ reason #5 – millie bobby brown wants to empower women

In case you didn’t know, Millie Bobby Brown was one of the producers of the movie. In an instagram post that was posted on the release date, she says “I wanted to bring this story to life because I felt like I was also finding myself in a chaotic world. this film helped me find myself and gave me inspiration to never be afraid to join conversations about my future. OUR future.”
If that alone isn’t a reason to watch Enola Holmes, I don’t know what else could be (even though I just provided four other great reasons but …. you know?).

Have you watched Enola Holmes yet?
Are you as obsessed with it as I am?

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