The Tailor | Review

☾ about the book

Title: The Tailor
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Series: The Shadow and Bone Trilogy
Published: 2014
Format: ebook, novella
Pages: 18
Rating: ★★★★★
Trigger Warning: slavery, emotional abuse, implied sexual abuse

☾ the plot

The Tailor features a scene from Shadow and Bone as retold from Genya’s POV.
As Genya is entrusted with another letter to Mal and plans to deliver it to the Darkling, she remembers her relationship to the King and Queen of Ravka, and all the pain that she has endured and will endure with the prospect of a better life in mind.

☾ the characters

Genya Safin is a gifted tailor, and a member of the Corporalki. But the Darkling gave her as a gift to the Queen of Ravka, and with that, Genya has faced life in a gilded cage.
She finds a friend in Alina, but betrays her trust by reporting Alina’s attempted correspondence with Mal to the Darkling.
The Darkling is neither Genya’s friend nor foe. He makes false promises to her to getr her to endure the abuse from the hands of the King and Queen for just a little longer while telling her that by enduring it, she earns herself a better life in the future.

☾ the world building

The novella is set at the Little Palace in Os Alta, Ravka, where the events of Shadow and Bone take place.

☾ the magic system

The Tailor briefly touches on the magic that Genya can wield as a Tailor.

☾ the things i liked about this book

I just found out that this novella exists a few hours ago, and I was very happy to find it in the back of my copy of Siege and Storm.
Genya was definitely one of my favorite characters in the trilogy, but I actually jumped at the opportunity to read a little bit more Darkling content, since I am starving.
I think Genya’s POV is very interesting! It expands on a lot of things that the trilogy had briefly established but never really explained, like the fact that Genya was being abused by the rulers of Ravka, and I also liked the display of weirdly unsettling closeness between her and the Darkling, since that shed a different light on him.

☾ the things i didn’t like about this book

It was so short!
I could spend hours reading more of Genya’s POV!
But really, that’s just me being whiny, because – again – I’m being starved of GrishaVerse content.

☾ would i recommend this book

It depends.
If you’re a victim of sexual or mental abuse, no.
The abuse is, unfortunately but not very surprisingly, an integral part of Genya’s character and it is heavily influencing the way the events in this novella are told, so it will probably trigger you.
If you have not made any experience with abuse, I would recommend this book. It’s a fast read, and it takes you right back to the Little Palace while letting you see the world through an entirely different set of eyes, and that’s really cool!

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