Halloween Haunt | Review

☾ disclaimer

This book is an erotic novella, and features content that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
If you are not 18 or older, please do not continue to read this review and do not purchase the book

☾ about the book

Title: Halloween Haunt
Author: Harley Laroux
Series: Dirty First Dates
Published: 2019
Format: ebook, novella
Pages: 45
Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
Smut Rating: 🌢️🌢️🌢️
Trigger Warning: ADULT CONTENT, for an extensive list, click here

☾ the synopsis

When she’s reunited with her crush at a Halloween Haunt event, scene queen Dahlia anticipates some flirting, maybe even some fun at the end of the night if she gets lucky. She never suspected that bad boy Rafael has even dirtier plans in store for her, spanning three spooky Halloween mazes that get her heart racing . . . and her panties wet.

☾ the characters

Dahlia is a scene queen – she likes to tease her hair as much as she likes to tease boys.
But she’s also abrat with a very dirty mind, and can’t pass up the opportunity to use her charme on Rafael – and tries to get into his pants by pretending she’s not scared.
Rafael is a member of some band, and apparently shares Dahlias macabre taste – but with his legendary devil tattoo, he doesn’t only look scary, he is scary, and definitely not up for games.
So when he meets bratty Dahlia, he lets her toy with him a little bit – but not enough to miss the opportunity to show her how to tame a brat.

☾ the world building

The book is set at a Halloween event at a high school, and it features multiple Halloween themed mazes that allow for plenty of teasing and even more sex.
It’s definitely not the creepiest setting, but it will get you going if you’re in the right mood and put on some ambiance music.

☾ what i liked about this book

I felt personally attacked by how this book plays with the fact that fear can be a huge turn-on, and Harley is definitely a mistress of her craft.
You can tell she knows how to write a proper consensual dominant-submissive dynamic with properly developed characters, and this book lacks nothing.

☾ what i disliked about this book

I can’t deny that I am not a fan of Halloween, so the setting has to be my only point of critique – but if you read the paragraph above you will know that that didn’t keep me from reading the book anyway.

☾ should you read this book?

I would suggest that you definitely check the list of content warnings on the goodreads page before picking this up.
But I know Harley’s writing, be it some sort of weird niche porn, definitely has an audience, and if you like kinky things and Halloween, I am very positive that you will enjoy this novella.

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